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Enable multi-boot mode
If this is your first time attempting to boot from an SD card or USB disk, you must enable multi-boot mode.
Insert your slarm64 micro SD card or attach the slarm64 USB disk then hold down the button in the AV port by
inserting a paper clip, a pin or something similar and keep it depressed while powering the device on.
Keep the button pressed until you see the boot screen of your box. After a few seconds it should reboot off
your SD card or USB disk. You are only required to do this once unless you reflash your eMMC.

Unpack the IMAGE file and copy the image an SD card: (assuming SD card at /dev/mmcblk0):

  # zstd -d slarm64-current-*-core-*-build-*.img.zst
  # dd if=slarm64-current-*-core-*-build-*.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M

or unpack directly to the card

  # zstdcat slarm64-current-*-core-*-build-*.img.zst > /dev/mmcblk0

Instalation eMMC/NAND/USB-HDD
to transfer a system with the SD to eMMC, you need to boot from the start and run the script:
  # transfer-to-disk

Default Login
login: root

Unbricking x96 max plus S905x3
Amlogic USB Burning Tool version 3.1.0
1. Start the USB burning tool and select the firmware in it, click "Start".
2. Connect to the set-top box in the USB3.0 (blue) connector of the USB cable connected to the computer.
3. Briefly short-circuit the point with the USB connector housing (ground), the computer will see the x96 max plus and the firmware will start.
4. When the firmware is finished, press "Stop" and remove the USB connector.